Fundraiser gig this Friday at Power Lunches

Gig flyer for 7th AugustAnother fundraiser gig at Power Lunches in Dalston, put on by Malicious Telecommunications, with DSFL faves Actual Crimes and exciting newcomers Sonic Order, Border and Hate Filled Kids.

SONIC ORDER (hardcore)
BORDER (punk)
HATE FILLED KIDS (luxury communism)

Facebook event here
7:30pm until late

£5.00 (if you can); P L is a basement with stairs, 18+

Organising fundraisers & financial realities

Here’s Andrew‘s fourth time-lapse build video, with exciting building developments and a star turn from Sam, DSFL’s top scourge of pigeons. Music kindly provided by Doe.

DIY Space for London is not a squatted venue or a popup. We want to be around for as long as possible, being able to be both financially stable and self-sustaining (and able to pay people for their work), and also not get closed down for breaking safety or licencing rules.  One of our most important founding principles was also to be accessible, again both in more abstract terms of being socially and economically accessible, but also physically accessible and safe for people with disabilities. We took on an empty shell of a building, and have spent a lot of time and money building the inside to our specifications. We’ve had an incredible response from volunteers, who’ve done an astounding amount of work for us, but often to do things the right way, the way that will pass building standards and last a long time and give you proper legal status, you need to buy specialist quality materials, or pay for professional advice or skills, which means spending money.  We are opening up very soon (exact date to be announced), but this is the time we are most in need of money.

We’ve had an incredible response to our Indiegogo fundraiser so far, and we’re hoping to get it to over £5k when it closes on the 6th of August, and it’s the best place for people to send individual donations. However we don’t get the money immediately, and it would really help our cashflow to have some more money from fundraisers coming in the next few weeks. The majority of our money before we started the crowdfunder has come from fundraisers- people putting on gigs, holding jumble sales, selling records and zines at fairs or online- and we know it’s a reliable way to raise money, awareness and goodwill. It might not seem like it makes a huge difference if you run a small event, but actually it does. Over the last couple of years we raised £20,000 through small gigs and events, and the majority of donations to our Indiegogo are £5 or £10. Small contributions soon add up!

Here’s how to run a DSFL fundraiser:

  1. Organise the event, and tell us the important details on What, Where, When, How Much? (And also accessibility info for the venue.)
  2. We will help you promote it via our website and Twitter account. We will also send you an email with our bank details.
  3. Hold the event and have a great time.
  4. Send the donation to our bank account. It’s also possible to send the money via PayPal, but bank transfer is preferable, because we won’t incur any fees.
  5. Earn our eternal gratitude, and enjoy DSFL once it opens.

We’re nearly there.

July has been a very busy month for DIY Space for London.

In the past few weeks, we have seen meeting rooms appear before our dusty selves, had toilets installed, submitted some very important forms and danced away at a load of amazing benefit gigs. We’ve been bowled away by the sheer enthusiasm and goodwill that has come from all corners of London’s DIY communities, whether they have picked up a paint roller, put on a gig or joined as a member.

To get an idea of what’s been happening at the space itself, go ahead and watch the third of Andrew Northrop’s time-lapse videos, and then imagine that the walls are done, the ceilings are being raised and plans are afoot to open as soon as we can. (Building continues on a daily basis; if you want to join in be sure to sign up to the Helping Hands Facebook group or keep an eye on our Twitter feed.)


Needless to say, it’s been a challenge to get this far. Recently we launched our Final Push crowdfund on Indiegogo after the costs of building an accessible, fully accredited and good sounding space turned out to be a little higher than expected. Needless to say, the fact we cleared our target within three days was astounding, and we are currently sitting at £4,200.

However! There are still two weeks to go, which means that there is still two weeks to donate if you haven’t already! Every single penny will go towards ensuring the space is on steady ground during our first few months – after years of planning, we want to make a venue that’ll stick around and benefit the city and the local community for years to come.

Another way to help is to join as a club member for just £2 a year. By signing up, you will be able to attend and organise licenced events, use the bar and facilities, and most importantly have a say in how the space is run.

It’s taken far too long, but we’re getting there. If everything aligns in the next few weeks, we could be open before the end of summer – but only with your continued support.

Join the DSFL Soundworkers Collective!

sound collective

We’re now forming a collective to handle the sound at DIY Space. If you have live sound engineering experience and knowledge, and can share it with those who don’t, we want to hear from you.

The collective will be self-managed in a co-operative way. Members will be paid to run sound at a large variety of events at DSFL.

If you’re interested, email

Fundraiser Gig 23/07: PAMS, Charla Fantasma & the Potentials

charlaAnother great fundraising gig with PAMS, Charla Fantasma and the Potentials (whose songs are all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer). 8pm on Thurs 23rd of July at Vinyl  record shop and coffee bar in Deptford, SE8 4PJ. Entry by donation- basement venue with stairs. Check out the Facebook event here:


Exciting times- Build Progress video 2 & Final Push fundraiser campaign

Things are getting exciting at DIY Space! We’ve been putting walls up, arranging toilets and soundproofing, and doing the million other jobs needed to get open and running, aided by our team of fantastic volunteers. Our talented Andrew has done another time-lapse video to show you all the work we’ve been doing to the floor and walls before starting to build our space (music kindly provided by Artefact).

With opening so close at hand, and with one of our main aims to be a physically accessible space with all the proper adaptations, we are in need of a little financial boost to help finish the building work to a high standard, which also means that we can conserve our existing funds to be as financially stable as possible when we open. Fundraising so far has mostly been by benefit gig, and personal donation and some grants, which has worked brilliantly, bringing us £20,000. For the last push, we’ve decided to try a crowdfunding campaign though, to have one central place where people can donate. We didn’t do one before the space was a reality, because we didn’t want to give privileged access or expensive gifts to donors who gave more money, feeling strongly that a small contribution from someone on a lower income or volunteering time was worth just as much. Now that we have a physical space, and we’re close to opening, and we have so many people who are excited about it, the space itself can be everyone’s reward.

Check out our fundraising page with extra information here, and tell your friends!

Fundraiser gig: 6th July at Power Lunches with Snob, Gloss Rejection and more!


On the 6th of July Malicious Telecommunications (who do the great Another Subculture tape compilations) are putting on another fundraiser at Power Lunches for £5 featuring Snob, Gloss Rejection, Dregs and (making their debut!) Border. Check out the facebook event for more info. Flyer artwork by Ben Fordree. Please note venue has stairs.

Build progress timelapse video

The very talented Andrew Northrup has been documenting the build so far with timelapse photography and PigeonCam ™. Music kindly provided by Faraquet.

Fundraiser gig tomorrow at Power Lunches



Another great fundraiser on at Power Lunches tomorrow, the 26th of June. With Artefact, COP and more for £5. Please note venue has stairs. Check out the facebook event here.

This Thing of Ours #1- all day fundraiser gig in Kingston



Coming up later this summer is this great all-dayer in Kingston (with a lovely flyer). £6 for the whole day, with bands like Muncie Girls and Doe. Check out the facebook event here.

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