We would love to hear from you about any events you’d like to run in the space.

CLICK HERE for a full list of all the information and price list for events booking, which includes what backline and gear there is here.

Please read the link above through before emailing. It relates to event bookings in The Big Room and The Bar Room, if you are interested in meeting, rehearsal or office space there is separate pricing in development for this.

Within the building, we currently have one in-house concession:

TOME Records (record shop) is open for business Monday to Saturday 12 – 7 and Sunday 12 – 6.

We used to have an in-house cafe but are currently transitioning between the previous operation and a new set up. Limited food is currently available from the bar (noodle cups, crisps).

We have a licensed bar which we open during events. Please note our licensing restrictions dictate we can only serve alcohol after 6pm but have a well-stocked bar of non-alcoholic beverages that can be purchased throughout.


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Q: What’s this membership stuff and how does it all work?
A: To use DSFL, you sign up as a member, which means everyone can help make decisions on how the space is run. Membership costs £2 for a year and takes 48 hours to take effect. You can sign up and pay online or at the space. If someone comes to a gig and is not signed up, they can sign in as a guest. Members can have unlimited guests but are responsible for their guests during the event. For daytime events where there is no bar or live music, events can be open to the public with no need to sign in. If your event has either, we will need to run a membership desk for you.

Q: I’m in a band and I want to play at DSFL, will you put us on?

A: Unfortunately we aren’t able to put on ‘in-house’ gigs, and only work with promoters – if you want put on a gig for your own band you are welcome! Check the notice board for promoter info to get in touch about gigs.

Q: What’s the capacity?

A: Legal cap is 160 in the big room, 265 for the whole space. Please do not oversell tickets as your ticket-holders will not enjoy being turned away on the door once we reach capacity.

Q: What backline do you have?

A: We have several full drum kits, 2 x guitar cabinets, 1 x bass cabinets. Bands should bring guitar heads, snare, cymbal and kick pedal. If your band or a band you are putting on cannot bring heads or amplifiers, get in touch to see if we can help.

PA wise: we have a 24 channel analogue desk with DI rack and a full soundsystem with 4 x subs.

Q: Do I have to pay if I bring my own gear and sound engineer?

A: You’re welcome to bring your own backline! However the £15 into the gear fund is still payable to help us repair mics, cables and other stuff when it gets broken. We don’t allow external sound engineers to run our desk because we have to protect gear that has been loaned to us. Our Soundworkers collective are all experienced engineers who will make sure your event sounds great and are happy to work with additional engineers if this is a concern.

Q: It seems kind of expensive?

A: We are completely not-for-profit, run by volunteers and our running costs are over £4000 a month, so we’ve kept costs as low as we can whilst hoping to stay sustainable. If you would like to do something at the space and these costs look prohibitive, especially if you want to run a benefit event for a particular cause, please let us know.

Q: I’m not sure if many people will come to my event, will you help me promote it?
A: All events will go onto our web calendar and be mailed to over 1000+ volunteers in our newsletter, social media feeds etc. Unfortunately we don’t have capacity to support with actively promoting your event beyond that, but we strongly suggest paper flyers in record shops, community spaces and other venues / relevant events for at least a month before your event!  If you are worried about costing in term of filling the space and making money, we are happy to suggest other likeminded venues around the city that may be more appropriate for a smaller event.

Any Qs, Ideas or other comments to: