15th September: Letters to Max (2015) w/Video Introduction

On the 15th September we’re showing Eric Baudelaire’s charming documentary/essay film Letters to Max (2015), a unique portrait of Abkhazia, a country which isn’t recognised as existing by the UK. We are pleased to announce that the titular Max has also provided a video introduction to be shown before the film. A warm thanks to Eric and Max for arranging this.

When artist and filmmaker Eric Baudelaire posted a letter to Maxim Gvinjia, Abkhazia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, he expected it to be returned ‘destination unknown’. To his surprise, he received a phone call from Max.

So began a conversation between them chronicling the contested state of Abkhazia, situated on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, which seceded from Georgia during the 1992–93 Civil War and remains a disputed territory. This is a country that, technically, to us in the UK does not exist; its independence only recognised by a few nations – and so occupies an odd place in both the international community’s, and its own, consciousness.

Tickets are £5 and are available from here: https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/2182-films-at-dsfl-letters-to-max-2015-eric-baudelaire