5 Ways to help DIY Space for London

We’ve been working on opening a venue for music, meetings and much more since 2012. Great News! We now have a 3000 sq ft warehouse in South East London, just off Old Kent Road. Even Greater News – We need your help to make it happen. Here are 5 ways you can support the project in these really important first few months.


1. Become a Member

DIY Space for London is being set up as a Members Club, coordinated by the existing cooperative. Why’s that, you ask? Members’ clubs are a time-honoured way of encouraging social spaces to be run by those who use them. Think working men’s clubs, social clubs and sports clubs. You’ll need to sign up as a member to attend events or use the space for licensing reasons, and will have the chance to attend members’ meetings and act on your ideas to improve the space. Joining costs £2, takes 48 hours to take effect and you will be able to bring guests along with you as a member. You’ll even get a membership card! Click here to join and pay.

2. Put on a benefit event or fundraiser initiative

Over the last four years we’ve raised nearly £20,000. This will go some way towards building the space that the community deserves, with adequate soundproofing so we can be good neighbours, but there’s much more to do and much more to pay for. If you’d like to put a gig or event or talk or screening on (not at the space, just yet) to help raise cash for the build, now is absolutely the time. Go for it!

3. Offer your skills to help with the Build

We have a few short months to build the space to spec before we begin paying rent. Are you skilled with building, project managing, do you have tills or experience with buying materials and working with wood? How about plumbing or electricity. We want to hear from you! Email build-join@diyspaceforlondon.org to join the Build email list and find out about working days coming up.

4. Donate

Not got time or skills but have a bit of spare cash? Every penny will go towards creating a beautiful, safe and legally up to scratch space for shows, events, talks, screenings, practical activities, skillshares and space for groups, campaigns and struggles to call home.  Click here to donate.

5. Get Involved

Are you part of a group, campaign or organisation that needs space to meet? Not got build skills but happy to help out in other ways? Are you interested in helping form the Bar Collective or Sound Crew (who will help run events and share their skills to members.) If so, get in touch on diyspaceforlondon@gmail.com and let us know!