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image of cassette tapes with inserts printed using risograph

‘furore’, tape sleeve printed on site at dsfl using fluro pink + blue >

** NEW ** Risograph at DIY Space

DSFL operates an A4 risograph machine with 5 inks – fluro pink, blue, yellow, red, and black.

From these colours, you can make a whole rainbow of hues and tints, and make posters, flyers, record sleeves – anything printable (:

The riso is available to use for inducted print-room members. If you would like jobs done for you, please send us your artwork or questions. email:

The Print Collective can also be found at

3937D9FE-2D6F-4BB3-80BC-48DCD00DD008We have recently finished Phase 1 of building, which involved levelling out the floor and building a storage mezzanine. Now we can actually use the space! We’ve had a great Gig/Screen Printing fundraiser, and are starting monthly screen printing and IMAG3674bookbinding workshops. We also have monthly meetings where all are welcome experienced and inexperienced alike, we still need many more people to help run the quickly growing space! Check out the what’s on for more details.



We aim to provide a printing workshop space for community use in South London. We plan to build an accessible space in which people can screen print, book bind, and use darkroom photography equipment. The space will be run with three main aims. First, we’d be giving space to individuals to work on creative print based projects, something which is very difficult to do in South London. Second, we’d be providing facilities to activists and community groups to print materials for their campaigns – flyers, posters, t-shirts and even books would all be producible at low cost for groups aiming towards radical social change. Third, we plan to run regular workshops and skill-shares to introduce new people to the joys and skills of printing, and teach them how to use the equipment in the space. In particular, we aim to collaborate with diverse groups of people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in DIY printing.IMG_0817

Though various printing workshops are available for hire in London, they are all prohibitively expensive, and as such not accessible to most. We aim to run our workshop as openly as possible – charging a small margin on materials used, and a monthly subscription to the space of ~£4 (which will not apply for individual events).


2016-06-26-PHOTO-00000006The collective is not for profit, and will use surplus generated to purchase new equipment, to further the aims of the collective as outlined above, as well as also feeding back into the wider DSFL space. We believe that print, in its various forms, still has an essential place in community organising and disseminating ideas. Through making this project collectively owned and cooperatively run, we intend that the radical way in which we operate will show through in the works we produce, and enable others to produce in the space.