Tome Records



Photo: Robin Christian

Tome Records is a record store that runs out of DIY Space for London. It’s filled with tons of interesting music, and you’ll frequently walk in to the sound of jazz or Kraftwerk. It’s often open during events, making it a must-see for touring musicians and gig-goers alike. There’s plenty of stock from London-based DIY labels, and you can sell your old records!


Opening hoursCNV00003

Midday – 7pm


NOTE: Times may vary (the shop is often open during events) – see the Twitter account for more.


Social Medias

Twitter: @tomerecords

Instagram: @tomerecords

Discogs: TomeRecords

Facebook: tome.records



An interview with Huck Magazine



TomeTV is an ongoing video series where we ask visitors to speak about 3 records found in the shop.

If you’d like to appear on a future episode of Tome TV, keep an eye on the Twitter and see when it’s filming.