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We know that sometimes ‘policies’ intended to help with safety can feel alienating in theory and/or useless in practice. We know that everyone’s idea of what ‘safety’ is feels different. We want to do things differently at DSFL.

We built a place where everyone can make their own noise, but to enable that to happen, we first have to be aware of our own volume, why it might be set at that level, how to turn down so others can be heard, and most importantly, be ready, willing and able to share the controls!

DSFL is committed to amplifying the voices of people who, outside of this place, do not always get heard as loudly, or whose experiences and opinions are all-too-often thought of as less important or valid.

Even (and especially) in spaces with no bosses, people can still find ways to take power from each other. Sometimes, we might be taking that power ourselves, with or without realising.

As club members, we want all our fellow members and the guests they bring along to agree to a way of being, doing and interacting in the space so that we can work together to make some amazing stuff happen.

We call these ideas our “accountability agreement”:


In summary: we listen, believe, never assume, support and hold ourselves and others accountable. Like the space itself, this text will remain a work in progress that we can all build.

We have a accountability working group which exist to support members around these issues. The AWG has developed a full set of procedures around this agreement, which all volunteers are being trained in how to use.

Have a read below or download it as a PDF here.

For questions, queries, comments or support, drop us a line at