AGM 2017 – DIY Space For London

Our AGM for 2017 will be on Saturday 16th September at 1pm.

Free vegan lunch / potluck served from 12 noon with the AGM following at 1pm.  We will be discussing the happenings and successes at DIY Space For London over the last year, presenting the organisation’s finances for the year and be voting for the committee for 2017/2018.  There will then following be a selection of talks and discussions from community members and activists/social centres nationally as part of the second birthday weekend celebrations.

The AGM is open to all members of DIY Space For London.

What is the AGM?
The AGM is the Annual General Meeting of DIY Space For London (DSFL), a legal requirement but also a great opportunity to meet as an organisation to review our year and plan for the future.  It is open to all DSFL members.  This will be the organisation’s second AGM.

What will happen at the AGM?
The AGM will happen this year as part of the our 2nd Birthday celebrations at 1pm.  We will look at the past year at DSFL, the committee can answer questions from club members, and the yearly accounts will also be presented at the meeting.

What does the committee do?
Legally, the committee is a required body to ensure DIY Space For London meets its obligations as an organisation. Practically the committee sits horizontally alongside collectives at DSFL – i.e. it is not in charge – and its work often intersects with the collectives.

It is the formal part of our structure as a registered co-operative society – key aspects of this are that it holds the lease and other legal documents for the organisation.  The committee also exists to make sure that as an organisation we are acting in the spirit and on the principles that we were founded (e.g. non-hierarchical, focus on mutual aid, focussed on supporting DIY culture, community focussed) and that our objectives are carried out by the organisation as a whole.

During the past year the committee has worked on the DSFL sustainability/business plan, signed off financial records, changed bank account signatories, overseen the implementation of Health & Safety procedures and led on bar licensing adjustments.

Who can apply to be a member of the committee?
Anyone who is a DSFL member!  We are specifically looking for people who share DSFL’s founding principles of non-hierarchical organising and mutual aid, as well as skills in sustainability planning, licensing knowledge, accountability work, accountancy, health and safety, buildings planning and more.  Submissions for interest in joining the committee have been extended, please contact if you’re interested in applying.

You can find the minutes of our previous AGM here and the agenda for this year’s AGM here.