BENT FEST IS BACK! This weekend 25-27 May

Time to get your studs and glitter at the ready ‘cos BENT FEST 2018 is going to be a wild one!!!
We’re going to have a weekend full of the finest queer punk bands, critical queer discussion, zine swaps, Get Bent club nite with exciting DJ’s, Bum Notes karaoke with Ruby Waters and more!

:::::Bands include:::::

Powerful queer noise from Leicester.

Cat Apostrophe
Radically soft pop from Leeds.

Childs Pose
Caustic affecting pop and darker energies from London.

A raw, angry, vitriolic scream into the void from Glasgow.

Current Affairs
Queer goth punk new wave excitement from Glasgow.

Days Fade Nights Grow
A grasping of beauty from the punishing maelstrom of existence from London.

Dubais and the Wolfs
Dubais (Nadia Buyse) is the ever changing concept band this time featuring Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile/Cold Cold Hearts) This is going to be really exciting.

High tension new wave from Dublin.

Queer/Dyke punk from Madriz. Get your pogo on!

Irn Brunette
Queer glam punk for the masses.

Pink Grip
Queer brat stomp from London. Always raging.

Queer trans hardcore from Finland. Its gonna be intense!!

Salt Bath
Queer, noise – punk, two piece from New Port!

Screaming Toenail
Anti colonial, queer punk band from Mitcham. A must see.

Slaylor Moon
The experimental electronic solo noise project of Sydney Koke (Shearing Pinx/The Courtneys), expect no-wave, noise, noise rock and electronic dance music.

Top Deck
Legendary double decker dealing a double punch to whats considered normal. Don’t miss these live wires.

Tuck and the Binders
These Northern queers are going to bring the house down. Its going to be everything. don’t miss them!

Wolf Girl
Buzz-tastic garage pop from London. Known and loved by Bent Fest for many years now.

No wave queer punk from south London. Evoking the darkness and the strange.

On top of all those exciting bands we have:

Friday night:
7pm Queer Speed Dating with your lovely hosts Alex and Nina – plus a free vegan vodka jelly shot for all those participating!!

Saturday afternoon:
1pm CRITICAL QUEER DISCUSSION: featuring some queer curators and creaters.

Saturday night:
11pm BUM NOTES! A night of karaoke brought to you by your host RUBY WATERS!

Sunday night:
11pm BENT FEST AFTER PARTY: We will be closing with a final party with Manchester DJs CHEW DISCO and QWEEN OF SWORDS from Sheffield!

💜 Accountability Agreement 💜

DIY SPACE FOR LONDON has an accountability agreement in order for us all to have a great time and respect the experiences of others. DSFL is committed to amplifying the voices of people who, outside of this place, do not always get heard as loudly, or whose experiences and opinions are all-too-often thought of as less important or valid.

DSFL ask fellow members and the guests they bring along to agree to a way of being, doing and interacting in the space so that we can work together to make some amazing stuff happen.

DSFL’s accountability agreement can be found here:


DIY Space For London is the UK’s first volunteer-run venue to achieve Bronze status on the Charter of Best Practice from Attitude is Everything – a charity that improves Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music.

Gig room:
DIY Space For London no longer has a viewing platform in the gig room. However this has been mitigated and improved by making sure we allocate space at the front of any event for those who need it. There are chairs that can be used. Members will make space in these areas for people with access needs who may need this space to view performances. If you need any help at all ask a Bent Fest organiser or DSFL volunteer at the membership desk

Chill out room:
The chill out room will be accessible for the duration of Bent Fest, it is on the left in the bar area as you come in. It is a quiet space to get away from busy crowds during Bent Fest. If you need any help at all ask a Bent Fest organiser or DSFL volunteer.

For more info on DIY Space for London’s Access please visit the website:
for info on how to find the venue, venue description, bookable access facilities, gender neutral toilets, and more.

DSFL volunteers are happy to meet event attendees at the nearest bus stop, please contact to arrange.

Buy your tickets soon! 🎟
Bent Fest sells out so, avoid disappointment, get yours now and
lets have a marvellous queer party! xxx
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DIY Space For London is a wonderful members club for the DIY community, it’s open to it’s members and their guests. You can become a member for £2 per year by visiting: