Calling All Promoters: let’s make some fundraisers

La Misma, 17/09 (opening gig)

La Misma, playing our opening night (photo: Andrew Northrop)

DSFL has been open for a month now, and the response has been incredible! We’ve already got some killer gigs and events under our belt, a membership that equates to a medium sized village and bags of enthusiasm (and records) for the idea of a co-operatively run space actually existing in this cartoon city.

But! As we continue to find our feet and realise more of our goals with the space, we’ve come up against some hurdles. Our licence is still pending which means our bar will be opening a month later than originally expected – and a month’s worth of bar takings is a lot of money to lose.

The first dog, Sept 19th

Our first canine visitor, September 19th (photo: Andrew Northrop)

So! We are looking for some excellent promoters to book nights and full them with fun and interesting ways of raising money for the space that don’t involve alcohol, and we are looking for them now. Know a great film that needs a screening? We have a projector! Mates with a band who would like to play, and draw out a crowd? Get a night together! Got a cupboard full of test pressings? Book an afternoon and get a jumble sale going! Any member is free to organise an event, and if you have never done it before we are here to assist.

Email us at and we will reply as soon as possible with all the details you need and a list of free dates. We’re all ears on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Let’s keep this going!