DIY Space for London – The first 12 months


With many great temporary social centres having come and gone over the years, there is a distinct need for a self-sustaining, accessible space in London for DIY culture and radical activity: somewhere suitable for gigs, events, community organising and much more.

DIY Space for London is a project first initiated in 2012, to make this a reality.


We’ve now developed from a few people into a wide open network with input from within and beyond London, with an organising group at its core that meets regularly, which anyone is welcome to become involved with.


To date we have raised just over £4000.

  • 20 + fundraiser events
  • A three-day festival
  • Bake-sales
  • Tshirts, badges, tote bags
  • Individual donations
  • Tape compilation
  • Art exhibitions

What next?

Obviously, finding a building to create this kind of space in such an expensive city is a huge challenge, so we are continually looking for support, involvement and opportunities to collaborate with other groups and individuals who would like to see this kind of space in London.

The first year focussed mainly on beginning to build up a pot of money (see above).  In our second year we will continue with a concerted fundraising effort whilst working on or towards:

putting energy into linking up with interested groups
     applying for other forms of ethical funding
          finding the most appropriate legal structure
              connecting with people who have specific skills

                   searching for a lease and registering as a member’s club

We plan to do all this with input and advice from other social centres that we are inspired by around the country, but are keen to get help and involvement from anyone with thoughts, enthusiasm, experience or practical suggestions.


A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone in this first year who has brought enthusiasm and energy to the project, who has had kind words or useful suggestions, attended or organised a benefit gig, made a donation, put on a festivals, exhibitions or bake-sales, and anyone who has played a part turning the idea of a DIY Space for London from a recurring chat between friends into an achievable shared goal.


Five things you can do to help

1. Share this post on your social networks
2. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter
3. Donate some spare cash if you have some
4. Come down to our pot-luck at LARC on Sunday
5. Set up a fundraiser of your own and let us know!