To donate money:

You can donate us some money via Paypal here. If you’d like to do a bank transfer instead, get in touch via

To run a fundraiser gig:

1) Organise the event, and tell us the important details on :
What, Where, When, How Much? (And also accessibility info for the venue.)

2) We will help you promote it via our website and Twitter account. We will also send you an email with our bank details.

3) Hold the event and have a great time.

4) Send the donation to our bank account. It’s also possible to send the money via PayPal, but bank transfer is preferable, because we won’t incur any fees.

5) Earn our eternal gratitude, and enjoy DSFL once it opens.

Things we’re looking for:

If you know of somewhere we can get these things free or cheap, please get in touch via If you also have anything else you don’t want, and think might be useful to us, then let us know!

Music equipment:

Combo guitar amp
Combo bass amp
Bass cabinet
Back up Guitar heads and bass heads
Keyboard stands
XLR microphone cables
Mic boom stands (both short/tall and drum mic clips)
Active DI boxes (for connecting keyboards, acoustic instruments etc. to the mixer)
DI boxes
Drum Clips

Furnishings and fittings:

Bar fridges
Catering glass washer
Emergency alarm for accessible toilet
Hand dryer
Hearing aid induction loop
Heavy duty can crusher
Office Desk
PAT tester
Swimming pool/school lockers with keys