DSFL Future Sight: Workshop Series

July is a month of Transformation, Restructuring and Renewal at DIY Space for London. Having recently extended our lease until 2022 and with a healthy financial outlook, it’s the perfect time to take stock and make change.

Over the course of the three weeks that DSFL is closed for refurbishment in July, we’re running a series of practical workshops open to all DSFL Members to plot a new path and decide on a new working model to trial for six months from August 2019 to February 2020.

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Come down for some or all of the sessions, eat a free dinner and share your hopes and fears, loves n hates, gripes and grand designs. No idea too outlandish! Let’s plot a path for the future!

Ideas and plans will be shared between each session so that comments can be made by members unable to attend.

Session I – Inspiration Stations: DSFL meets Partisan Manchester
Thursday 18th July 7.30 – 9pm

How do other spaces like ours organise themselves and what can we learn from these models? We’ll be hearing from Xav Cohen, Events and Venue Coordinator from Partisan, Manchester’s cooperative arts and social space, all about their approach to organising, their model, its successes and challenges, to help us get inspiration and food for thought, with a Q&A.

This evening will also include smaller group discussions to reflect on what we’ve heard, and of course a free hot dinner and snacks provided by the delicious DSFL Food Collective.

Session II – DSFL Maps ‘n’ Gaps
Sunday 21st July 2-6pm

Co-facilitated by experienced external grassroots trainers, this session will help us get a full grip on the tasks, roles and responsibilities that currently exist or are undertaken in the space. We need a map of where we are to know where to go next.

We will do this via a process of participatory mapping, starting the process of remodelling how we work. Which are the dormant collectives? Who is accountable for which tasks at DSFL? Who is paid and unpaid and why? When is communication simplest and most complex and on which platforms? Which are the particular sites of overstretch and burnout? Who knows what about each area and how do we democratise this knowledge?

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you know all the ins and outs of the space, new ideas and people very welcome!

Session III – DSFL; Future in Sight!
Sunday 28st July Times 2-6pm

Reflecting on what we’ve learnt over the past three workshops, external facilitators will guide us through the process of building our new models. Using interactive group work we will refine our ideas together, from small adjustments to current processes to bigger changes to our priorities.

What could be improved upon? What else works? Where can we save to spend elsewhere? How might we consolidate and adjust how we work to support healthy boundaries, our shared social and political goals, and collective and individual mental health and wellbeing? How can we make our new trial model sustainable, clear and transparent to new members?

The resulting proposals will then be subject to an indicative vote in person at the end of this session. By the end of this session we will have a workable, costed model to communicate to the wider global membership, taking it forward and trial over the next six months. A full review of the trial and an outcome report to take place in February 2020.

Sound good? Please come along! Send ideas and questions to