The print collective at DIY Space aim to learn, grow and support each other. We came up with a project to develop ourselves and open out to our world-wide community, creating a collaborative zine, open to everybody’s work with no experience required, and to be designed and bound by our regular members. Our theme was BLUE.

We were delighted to receive work by people from all over: South London, where we’re based, but also Tokyo, the Basque Country, Madrid, and all over the UK. We received over 40 submissions in total, and saw our zine stocked in Tate, Glasgow and Edinburgh zine libraries, the Feminist library, amongst many others.

Following its success, we’re preparing for our second edition!

Read below on what we’re looking for and how you can get involved 🙂


The riso at DIY Space uses 5 inks. Red, blue, fluro pink, yellow and black.

To make it easy and fun to produce artwork, we’re going to limit ourselves to one colour each issue.

The theme for the 2nd issue, is PINK


You can interpret this any way you like, through text, photograph or illustrations.

The only requirements are:
1) your submission is inkeeping with the principles of the DIY Space accountability agreement. (full document at https://diyspaceforlondon.org/accountability/..in summary, it is an agreement to support and hold ourselves and others accountable)
2) the work will be A5 portrait. Suitable for printing in bright pink.

3) work must be submitted as a pdf / png file, at no less than 300dpi (unless low res is part of your artwork), exactly as how you intend for it to be printed on the page.

4) The image is greyscale, with (at least) a 3mm white border around the edge of your artwork or text.

The riso will struggle to print large areas of 100% opacity, so avoid any 100% black shapes over a side of A5 (if this is confusing, don’t worry, please drop us a line and we can explain more)


We’ll also be holding weekly zine club sessions (Monday evening) where we can make work together. The idea is to explore and learn about what we can do with limited means together, so we encourage everybody to drop in if they can.


Email entries to: dsflprintcollective@gmail.com with questions and submissions.


The cutoff date for submission is midnight the 1st January 2019, for release later that month (date tbc).



We’re permitted to order your work and make small adjustments to size / contrast etc, providing we don’t alter the content of the artwork.

We’re permitted to use your artwork on social media and on our website (please send us how you would like to be credited/ if you would like to be anonymous)

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we may stagger the entries across two issues: or provide a cut-off point before the deadline where we can’t feasibly print more than what we’ve been sent. We will give you notice of a new deadline should this occur: but don’t want you to hurry your artwork in any case, so rest assured everybody who wants to be will be published in some form!