Exciting times- Build Progress video 2 & Final Push fundraiser campaign

Things are getting exciting at DIY Space! We’ve been putting walls up, arranging toilets and soundproofing, and doing the million other jobs needed to get open and running, aided by our team of fantastic volunteers. Our talented Andrew has done another time-lapse video to show you all the work we’ve been doing to the floor and walls before starting to build our space (music kindly provided by Artefact).

With opening so close at hand, and with one of our main aims to be a physically accessible space with all the proper adaptations, we are in need of a little financial boost to help finish the building work to a high standard, which also means that we can conserve our existing funds to be as financially stable as possible when we open. Fundraising so far has mostly been by benefit gig, and personal donation and some grants, which has worked brilliantly, bringing us £20,000. For the last push, we’ve decided to try a crowdfunding campaign though, to have one central place where people can donate. We didn’t do one before the space was a reality, because we didn’t want to give privileged access or expensive gifts to donors who gave more money, feeling strongly that a small contribution from someone on a lower income or volunteering time was worth just as much. Now that we have a physical space, and we’re close to opening, and we have so many people who are excited about it, the space itself can be everyone’s reward.

Check out our fundraising page with extra information here, and tell your friends!