First Timers 2017

First Timers will return in 2017 and we need your help! First Timers is a two-day gig where every band plays its first show. It’s also a season of workshops and skill-shares, and a supportive environment for people new to playing music.

We celebrate demystification! All the bands have to be able to say yes to the following in order to sign up:

1. One or more of us has never played in a band before
2. One or more of us identify as one (or more!) of the following: female, trans*, queer, LGBTQIA, a person of colour
3. One or more us is playing something in this band that they have never done before

If you’re interested in helping us run the event, organise workshops or if you have any hopes/dreams/ideas for First Timers 2017 come to the first meeting at the space on Monday 10th October at 8pm, alternatively you can email – no experience necessary, first timers encouraged! meetings will then take place monthly.

Submissions for bands will open in January.

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