Help us build a new accessible stage and toilets!

We’re raising money to purchase and install a new accessible stage and ramp, and to overhaul our self-built accessible toilets.

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The full story:

We used to have a ramp that was lovingly built out of wood by our members that also doubled as a viewing platform. After extensive use, the ramp was no longer in good enough condition to be safely used. We’ve realised that to make our venue as accessible as possible for all people to be able to perform on stage, we need to go for a professionally built integrated stage and ramp. But this is expensive!

We’ve asked around and got some quotes and the total for the ramp comes to £3400 plus VAT – that’s £4080! This is a priority for us to sort but we simply don’t have the ability to raise that much money through the day-to-day running of our space quickly. And our stage is inaccessible for people with many disabilities until we sort this.

We’re also looking to top up funds raised last year to overhaul our accessible toilets – again lovingly built out of wood by our members before we opened – into something tidier and more spacious for all, taking into account feedback from users we’ve received with accessibility needs over the past two years. We need around £1400 to have this work carried out. So that’s how we’ve arrived at £5500 in total.

Any extra money raised will be ringfenced for other accessibility improvements within the space. We’re committed to not resting on our laurels when it comes to accessibility and there will always be things we can improve, so your donations will be well spent and make a big difference for our members and guests.

We currently have bronze accreditation from Attitude is Everything  as part of their Charter of Best Practice for improving deaf and disabled people’s access to live music and are determined to continue improving in line with this charter.

Below is a basic plan of how the new stage and ramp will be laid out: