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How to Paint a Girl’s Room [Pink Bedroom😍]

The color of a room can have a significant effect on the mood and energy of its occupant. In the case of an infant or child, this is especially true.

I will first explore common colors for girls’ rooms and what they symbolize. Next, I will go over different shades of pink and how they affect the moods of those inside the room. Finally, I’ll share some tips for painting a bedroom in pink and how to avoid getting it wrong or making it too girly.

Girls’ Rooms: What Colors Represent?

The color you choose for your girl’s bedroom can have a significant effect on her emotional state. For example, brighter colors like red are known to express passion and energy while darker colors like purple convey the feeling of serenity and calmness.

A girl's pink room with gold polka dots
I painted my little girl’s room pink with gold polka dots

Step 1: Pick out the perfect shade of pink paint

The first step is to pick out the perfect shade of pink paint.

Choosing the right color can completely change the feel of a room. Though it may seem like an easy task, color picking can be tricky. But if you follow these steps, you will be able to find just the right shade for your decorating project.

1) Know what you’re looking for: Begin by deciding what colors you are looking for and make a list of them so that you can compare them side by side. For example, if you want a light pink, look at all light colors together before deciding on one.

2) Consider the “W” rule: Use this rule to narrow down your options to three or four shades that are similar in tone and intensity from lightest to darkest.

3) BUY SAMPLES and put them on either your wall or hang poster board on your wall and paint it. This was you can do exactly what sample paints are for and sample the three or four shades you decided on to find the best one for you.

I had three different shades of pink to I got samples for a picked from.

Step 2: Tape off the trim and get stripping

This section will help you understand the importance of the trim and how to strip it.

The trim is the area around a window or door that is typically covered with wood. We have this because we want to increase the perceived size of a space and make it more attractive. It can be used to cover up an imperfection in the wall or ceiling, or just for decoration purposes.

To make sure you only get pink paint where you want it, it is very important to tape up your trim and even lay down plastic drop cloths while taping down your baseboards. This will ensure that you don’t get paint on any of your trim, carpet, or hardwood floors.

Trim has been taped off a plastic drop cloth put down to protect my carpets

Step 3: Clean the walls & fill any gaps or holes before painting

Without good preparation, painting a room will be an absolute nightmare.

Achieving great results, in the end, is all about being prepared and applying the right technique. It can feel like it takes a long time to do this step, but it will save you a lot of hassle later on.

If you have any holes or punctures from pictures hung, doors puncturing the wall behind it, old cable wiring, or kids just playing a little too rough, then now is the perfect time to fill them in. In my case, it was a little bit of all 3 as well as removing an old TV wall mount. Get your spackle and putty knife and fill in all the holes you can find. After filling the holes, give it a little bit of time to dry, usually an hour or so, and then sand your walls smooth.

After you have sanded down the walls smoothly, do a real quick cleaning of the walls to make sure the paint sticks really well and there won’t be dirt trapped under your paint.

Here you can see a few holes that I filled in with spackle

Step 4: Paint a base coat of pink paint on every wall

This section is about the painting walls.

This is the last step in the process of painting a room. Start by using a paint roller to make sure that you get a good coat of paint on the floor and up the wall. Wait for a few minutes, then apply another coat to all surfaces, including corners and edges, with another roller or brush.

When you’re finished with this first coat, stop and take a look at your work. If there are any spots where there are bare patches of wall showing through or if it’s not totally even or smooth, touch these areas up with a small brush before you start your second layer of paint.

The first coat of paint is almost complete!

Step 5: Paint or put vinyl hearts, polka dots or flowers on the walls

The next step is to add a bit of flair to the walls. If you can’t paint them, then you can always buy some vinyl hearts, polka dots or flowers for the walls. A sheet of wallpaper border, or 3D wall panels to add a bit of contrast to all of that pink. Be careful not to go overboard and make the room appear too busy.

Vinyl polka dots are an easy and quick way to add some flair!

Conclusion: Your Daughter Will Love Her New Pink Room!

The color pink has got to be the most feminine color in the world. It’s been said that girls are drawn to pink because of its association with a mother’s womb. There are also theories that say it’s because of the time we’re born because it could have something to do with our natural circadian rhythms. Whatever the reason is, we need more pinks! Any girl would love to have their whole room in that sweet hue. If you’re looking for a way to make your daughter happy, then it’s time to paint her room pink!

Here are my before and after photos of my little girl’s room!

A girl's pink room with gold polka dots


Monday 26th of July 2021

Looks so great! The decals are really sweet and this is a super cute shade of pink.