Join the DSFL Committee

DIY Space For London is seeking new committee members to make sure that the administration of DSFL has fresh eyes and a diverse range of voices and skill-sets.

The committee is one of a number of collectives at DIY Space for London. It is a legally required collective which ensures that DIY Space operates as a (legal) co-op, and stays aligned with its founding values. It also deals with issues such as finance, insurance and the lease for the building.

We are looking for folks with skills or interests in: Being a ‘general’ committee member (no particular skills necessary!); Health and Safety; Accountancy and finance (treasurer); Business and sustainability planning; Licensing knowledge; Experience in co-operative or radical non-hierarchical and mutual aid based organisations; Governance (as in, the legal side); and Risk management.

Meetings are held once every two months with additional meetings scheduled as necessary. Work and formation or interaction with working groups on committee business are also expected outside of the regular meetings.

The new committee will officially be in place by mid November and will refresh again after one year, with the option to stay on for any members who would like to.

If this is something you would be interested in or would like to find out more about please drop us a line on

We are able to meet and chat about what this would entail or speak on the telephone. Final official expressions of interest need to reach us by Sunday 5th November.

The committee will be voted in at our November general meeting on Wednesday 15th November at 7pm.

We look forward to hearing from you!