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Are you experienced in screen-printing, darkroom work, riso or other printmaking methods? Are you a beginner, but want to learn? We’re setting up the DIY Space Print Collective. We have an empty room, very little money, but lots of enthusiasm.

There is a meeting at DIY Space for London on Tuesday the 6th of October at 5.30

To join the Print Collective email list, send an email to print-join at


  1. Hey
    I have loads of experince as a screen printer (posters, T’s Totes, wallpaper, textiles) And I teach screen printing at Morley College ( Course Leader Textiles Foundation) I also run regular print making workshops for Crisis (Monoprint, photocpoier fanzines, relief printing screen printing and sublimation printing) I also have access to lots of equipment, including an A2 exposure unit and loads of screens.
    At the moment I have 2 days a week when I’m free and I would love to get involved in some way.

    Best wishes
    Mark Amura

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