Launching today….


DIY Space for London is going to be an autonomous, member-run space. We have been raising donations in every manner possible to make this happen, and have two brand new fundraising drives which are ready to go today!

The Lowdown:

If you’re a group, collective, band, or individual that’s looking for a way to be actively involved in making this happen, then the Chunk Challenge could be for you. Our target is £10k by year end (we’re halfway there now!) and it involves pledging any amount that you’d like to raise over the next few months using any method you like, with support and publicity help from us. Check out these examples for inspiration.

If you’re a very busy person but still want to see a space like this exist for the long-term in London, you can now Become a Friend with a small monthly standing order donation. You’ll get a badge and a friend’s card and be part of a the growing network of people helping to make this happen, all without leaving the house.

…Or sign up for both!

Find out more and click the links to sign up and get involved. Drop us a line via email, FB or Twitter with any queries or concerns.

Yours excitedly, DSFL Crew