Print Collective — Risograph

DIY Space houses a RP3700 A3 risograph with red, green, hunter green, burgundy, yellow, bright blue, medium blue, fluorescent pink & black inks, and an RZ200 A4 risograph with fluro pink, bright blue, yellow, red, and black inks. Once you have an induction you can come to Open Access sessions (timetable tba please email through in the meantime and we’ll find a spot for you).

Inductions/Tailored Workshops

Update January 2019: Due to a high level of interest & being volunteer-run at the moment we have to prioritize jobs and inductions for group projects that are based around community, youth and activist work.

We’re applying for funding and training up our volunteers so that in the near future we can provide regular and private drop-in sessions, but at the moment are struggling to meet demand so for private jobs there will be a wait.

If you want to produce your job quickly we can recommend the Risograph studios Pagemasters and Rabbits Road Press.

You’re welcome to email with any questions or request, or, if you’re uncertain what category your job fits into, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

£15, duration 1 hour. Can be split between a small group.

If you’ve never used Riso before or you’re uncertain how to set up artwork for it it’s fine to come in empty-handed as we will teach you how to do this in your induction. You can also bring any samples of your own work or work you like so we can tailor the induction to your needs.

If you feel comfortable to experiment with something please bring 1 simple, preferably greyscale design, on A4 or A3.

And if you’ve used Riso before but want to use the DIY Space Risos in future feel free to bring finished designs.

N.B. The induction covers a one-colour print but you’re welcome to book in time afterwards to do more at standard open access rate (see below). Please state this in your email as well as the job you’re hoping to do so we can give you the right time-slot.



A4 = £2 each

A3 = £4 each

Price for up to 100 prints, after this ask you to make a contribution toward inks.

If you need supervision suggest making a donation to the volunteer helping you using London Living Wage (£10.50 per hour) as a guideline.

You can also make a donation to the Space’s running costs, people donate anywhere between £5 and £50 depending on the job and their budget. Whatever you donate helps us stay open and maintain resources for people of all incomes.


We use plain paper and leftover stocks for inductions, for your own prints please bring your own paper (between 80gsm and 300gsm, and uncoated). There’s some paper at the Space or we can source some for you which we supply on a donation basis.

Print Service/Bespoke workshops

We encourage people to print for themselves, however if you’d like to get something printed or have us put on a workshop we can find a member to help with your job.

Send us an email with your artwork, choice of colours, number of prints and preferred paper stock if you have one (we will print on white, 100-160gsm Fabriano, Munken or Cyclus Offset if you don’t specify).

If you need a design or print consultation we can help with this, send what you have and we can give a quote back depending on how much support you need.