South East Fest at DSFL, 23+24 Feb 2017

South East Fest is a new, DIY, multi-venue punk and indie festival held in the New Cross area. Doe/ Apologies, I Have None/ Great Cynics and about 30 more are playing over 3 days at DIY Space For London/ Water Into Beer/ The Montague Arms. It’s gunna be jokes.


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Friday DIY Space for London Covers Gig 7-11
10.30-11.00 The Smiths
9.50- 10.15 The Steal
9.05- 9.35 Fugazi
8.25- 8.50 Ramones
7.50- 8.10 Greenday
7.25- 7.45 Billy Bragg
7.00- 7.25 Firepit Collective/ Inner Terrestrials

Saturday DIY Space for London 2-11
10.20- 11.00 Great Cynics
9.35- 10.05 Beezewax
8.50- 9.20 Ghouls
8.05- 8.35 Sam Russo
7.20- 7.50 Myelin
6.35- 7.05 The Hippaes
5.50- 6.20 Jimmy Floydd Hasslebaind
5.05- 5.35 c r u m b s
4.20- 4.50 Heavy Heart
3.35- 4.05 Slab City
2.50- 3.20 Crystal Piss
2.05- 2.35 Splurge

Sunday waterintobeer 12-5
4.30- 5.00 Kelly Kemp
3.50-4.20 Thom Weeks
3.10- 3.40 Happy Accidents
2.30- 3.00 Mark Magill
1.50- 2.20 Wayfairer

Sunday The Montague Arms 6-11
10.20- 11.00 Apologies, I Have None
9.35- 10.05 Doe
8.50- 9.20 The Exhausts
8.05- 8.35 Hot Mass
7.20- 7.50 Pardon Us

We’ll be taking donations for the Women’s Project at Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Centre all weekend. Donations of culturally appropriate things for women and children; like clothes, toys, toiletries etc are very welcome.

Accessibility Info:
DIY Space for London is fully accessible.
The Montague Arms has a small step on entry. There are steps to get to the rear seating area and the toilets aren’t accessible.
waterintobeer has a small step on entry. The front door is 30cm wide and the toilet doesn’t have rails but doesn’t have steps.
Please contact us, or the venues, if there’s any more info you require.

Accountability and Good Night Out.
It’s important to look after each other. DIY Space for London has this great accountability agreement to look over and The Montague Arms is part of the Good Night Out Campaign so please remember you can talk to staff at either venue if you have anything you want to talk about or you’re not having a totally brilliant time.