Start a band! Apply for First Timers 2017

First Timers is a season of workshops followed by a weekend of gigs where every band plays its first show. We want to provide a supportive context for people new to playing music before, during and after First Timers season!

The festival will be taking place on May 6th & 7th 2017.

Applications need to be in by February 14th 2017, so don’t delay, read the rules below and then apply here:

The Rules!

First Timers is about getting new faces and voices in bands, and doing something about the lack of diversity in the make-up of the DIY music community. The criteria below aren’t intended to exclude anyone, but are a direct way of addressing this. As such, your band as a whole need to be able to say YES to at least TWO of these statements:

  • One or more of us has never played in a band before.
  • One or more of us identify as one (or more!) of the following: disabled (visible or non-visible), trans*, queer, non binary, LGBTQIA+, a person of colour, a woman.
  • One or more of us is playing or doing something in this band that they have never played or done before.

If you want any support, are looking for band members or have any queries at all please post in here or drop us an email at and we’ll do our best to help!

DIY Space for London is an accessible venue. It is on a single floor level, with access ramps, widened doors, an accessible toilet and plenty of space for maneuvering and getting away from crowds. There is plenty of seating available and the toilets are gender neutral and accessible. If you are forming a band or coming as an audience member and would like to discuss access, please get in touch: or visit our website:

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